Westside Gunn Declares His New Album Is Better Than DaBaby’s

Last Friday, fans expressed their disappointment in DaBaby‘s new project, Blame It On Baby, which arrived with plenty of buzz but ultimately wound up apparently falling short of expectations. While DaBaby was likely just as disappointed in the fans’ reactions as they were in the album, there was one observer who found delight in the Charlotte rapper’s fall from grace: Westside Gunn, whose album Pray For Paris had also dropped on Friday. The Griselda Records general took advantage of the opportunity to declare victory over his new unofficial rival by posting a throwback meme, inviting anyone who disagreed to “change his mind.”

We all remember the “Change My Mind” meme that dominated social media for much of 2018. After conservative podcaster Steven Crowder posted a photo of himself seated at an outdoor table with a sign reading “male privilege is a myth — change my mind,” witty internet users had a field day mocking him by swapping out the sign’s message with any number of supposedly controversial or outright wrong opinions. Westside Gunn’s post made use of the format to compare his album cover with the DaBaby’s, sliding a “greater than” sign between the two, favoring Pray For Paris, of course.

The tweet quickly went viral, accumulating over 5,500 retweets in the days since, along with over 19,000 likes. While DaBaby has yet to respond, it’s likely because he’s been focusing on the positive reactions to his album instead, retweeting praise from the fans who actually tweeted their approval of his new lyrical direction. Of course, the two rappers may also just appeal to entirely different fanbases, so there’s plenty of room for both to flourish.

Blame It On Baby is out now via Interscope. Get it here.
Pray For Paris is out now via Griselda/Shady Records. Get it here.