Wet’s ‘Lately’ Is More Lush, Languid Dream-Pop As The Brooklyn Trio Prepares A Sophomore Album

05.11.18 11 months ago

In April, Wet shared a studio performance video of “There’s A Reason” and said that the track was the first offering from their upcoming sophomore album, which they hadn’t yet announced at the time. Now, a month later, there’s concrete news about the follow up to 2016’s Don’t You: Wet’s next album, Still Run, will be released on July 13 via Domino.

The band also released a video for “Lately,” a lovely dream pop track that should dispel any notions of a sophomore slump. The lo-fi clip is all bandleader Kelly Zutrau: It’s primarily her dancing in front of a white wall and she also directed, shot, and edited the video. She said of making the clip:

“I’ve never made a music video by myself, I didn’t even consider that an option but when I was thinking about this song I couldn’t imagine doing it another way. I didn’t want to collaborate and have to explain what I wanted and fight to be heard, I just wanted to try to access something real in myself and have it be an intimate experience for the viewer. I realized that I might have the best luck doing that on my own. I also just wanted to have fun, so I hope that comes through.”

She also said that the album is about avoiding comfort and regaining control:

“The album, and this track in particular, are about leaving dysfunctional relationships even when it is easier to stay. It’s also a call to myself to keep doing, running, making things in an overwhelming world. To not get stuck in comfortable situations if they’re not helping you to grow and live. It’s a documentation of my attempt to get control of my life, my relationships and my art and the losses I experienced in that process.”

Watch the video for “Lately” above, and below, check out the Still Run album art, tracklist, and Wet’s upcoming tour dates.

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