Wet Return With More Brooklyn Synth-Pop On The Upbeat ‘There’s A Reason’

Brookyln synth-pop trio Wet have been making delicate, R&B-leaning indie pop for several years now. Their highly-anticipated album Don’t You was released through Columbia Records back in 2016, after several years of EPs and singles that earned them a cult following. Now, it looks like the group may be returning with the release of a new single, “There’s A Reason” that dropped this morning. A little more upbeat than some of their previous work, but definitely still imbued with the same sad-pop sensibility, singer Kelly Zutrau’s voice is the centerpiece of the new track, which, according to a press release, was produced by Andrew Sarlo and Joseph Valle, a member of Wet.

Zutrau is a sought-after collaborator in the indie pop world at this point — she was featured on Rostam of Vampire Weekend’s breakout debut album last year, and the renewed focus on her voice in the production here doubles down on the group’s strengths.

Even as they lean into a more accessible pop direction, the group retains all of the small string flourishes and tiny rhythm details that made Don’t You, and their previous EPs, so appealing. Listen to the new track above and look out for more info on a new release from the band coming soon.