A Trio Of Early White Stripes Concerts Are Being Released On Vinyl By Third Man Records

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Jack White has been keen on sharing early White Stripes memories with fans in recent days: On July 14th, Third Man records began streaming audio of the band’s first ever show, at an open mic night in Detroit, on its 20th anniversary. Now, he’s apparently decided to release even more vintage White Stripes goodies, this time, it’s a live album called Live in Detroit: 1999-2000-2001 containing three shows from each of those years.

There’s their July 30th, 1999 show in Ferndale, Michigan, which was the group’s first performance after releasing their self-titled debut album. The August 18th, 2000 performance in Detroit includes some live rarities for the White Stripes, like a cover of Captain Beefheart’s “Ashtray Heart.” Then there’s the June 7th, 2001 Detroit show, where Jack and Meg played the entirety of White Blood Cells, the first and only time they performed that or any album from front to back.

The only way to get your hands on this one is to join the Third Man Records Vault Platinum Subscription by October 31st. The vinyl packaging does look pretty slick, though, and it includes fun rarities that fans will eat up: Reproduction prints for each of these shows, based on the originals that White designed and hung up at local Detroit establishments.

Third Man Records shared a few sample clips from the release, so give those a listen above, and get your copy of the album here.