Why Did YesJulz Get Kicked Out Of Kanye West’s ‘Vultures’ Listening?

Kanye West’s second Vultures listening event turned out to be a disaster — quelle surprise! — and instead, fans were treated to a 10-minute rant in which Kanye went off on Adidas, Drake, Gap, Jay-Z, Jews, and perhaps most fittingly, all the “vultures” who were actually in the room with him (in what looked like somebody’s house!).


This was courtesy of influencer/event promoter YesJulz, who got a front-row seat to shove her camera phone in Kanye’s face and broadcast the whole thing via Instagram Live — at least, until he asked for her to be removed. She was promptly kicked out of the “event,” although she later insisted that she wasn’t kicked out as she walked back to her hotel.

So why was she kicked out? Toward the end of the clip, Julz can be heard saying something indistinct to someone next to her, but it catches Kanye’s attention. It sounds like a security tells her “don’t say sh*t right now,” then as she responds, she seemingly interrupts Kanye’s rant again, after which he tells her to “take it out” and she shuffled away by the guard as the stream shuts off.

Perhaps Kanye didn’t want to be interrupted mid-stream — his thoughts seem disjointed enough already — or maybe whatever she said upset him, but it doesn’t seem as though he was bothered by her streaming — or how it would be perceived. Still, though, it has to be disappointing to Kanye fans that this was all they got after months of waiting for new music.