Will Smith Is Contemplating A Possible ‘Verzuz’ Matchup With LL Cool J, Who He Says ‘Is Going To Body Me’

Although Will Smith is probably better known for his film work than his music these days, his decades-long legacy as one of rap’s foremost pioneers will likely always be too important to ignore. With the Verzuz series paying homage to and highlighting many of the stars of yesteryear, XM Radio host Sway Calloway checked in with the former Fresh Prince on Sway In The Morning to find out whether he had any designs on signing up for a battle.

Surprisingly, Will said that he had been contemplating an appearance — and had even already chosen a potential competitor in LL Cool J — but that he’s been too busy writing and promoting his upcoming book to lock down a date. However, despite both rappers’ 20-plus years of hits, Will maintained that he believed “L is going to body me” in a one-to-hit battle, despite being able to draw upon cultural cornerstones like “Parents Just Don’t Understand,” “Summertime,” “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” and “Men In Black.”

However, there was one situation where co-host Heather B could foresee a Will Smith victory. “What’s dope about Will though, Will and L was out when the era when it was the DJ and the rapper,” she noted. “Everybody had their DJ so don’t let [DJ Jazzy] Jeff on the turn tables.” Will agreed, “That’s my secret weapon right there.”

Watch Will Smith discuss a potential Verzuz matchup with the Sway In The Morning crew above.