It Looks Like Wiz Khalifa Will Drop His Next Project ‘Fly Times’ Fittingly On 4/20

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It’s only fitting that one of the most famous smokers of all-time releases his next project on 4/20, right? On April 20, Wiz Khalifa will release his new album, Fly Times Vol. 1: The Good Fly Young, according to Wiz’s Twitter. On April 17, he’s also planning to release a docuseries going over some of the most intimate moments of his life and the new album definitely turns this into a huge week for Wiz.

Wiz slowed down on releasing albums for some time in between the years but has really gotten back to it as of late. In 2018, he released Rolling Papers 2 and it hit No. 2 in the charts. Aside from that, he released 2009 with Curren$y back in February and that took many fans to the old days of Wiz’s flow. The fan-favorite tape Kush and Orange Juice just saw its ninth anniversary and it’s clear that Wiz still has plenty more to give us.

He also gave us a sneak peek at some of the producers and features. The producer list is huge and still provides some familiarity from these recent projects and the collaborating artists is definitely welcomed. We’ve all seen what Wiz and Chevy, Ty Dolla $ign, and obviously Curren$y can do. Problem is another underrated artist with a sound going back to the same era that Wiz popped up in — the two have been working together for a decade now including the hit “Bout Me” released back in 2012.