WWE’s R-Truth Released A New Song, And It Features Carmella

If you watch Total Divas, you probably remember that Carmella recorded a song with R-Truth. After dominating the Mixed Match Challenge, the 24/7 Championship picture, and the hearts of WWE fans, the two set out to conquer the music scene with the help of, as you can see in the clip below, a lot of autotune!

This morning, the lyric video for ‘Run It,’ the new Ron “R-Truth” Killings track (featuring wrestler and wine mogul Leah “Carmella” Van Dale and producer J-Trx) dropped. R-Truth has released two albums and several singles in addition to multiple wrestling theme songs over the years, and this might be the one that sounds most like dance pop rather than hip hop. It basically sounds like an attempt to mimic a pop hit from five or six years ago.

After a few listens, the lyrical highlight for me has to be “Go diva/Get stupid/Hit ’em hard like your name was Cupid.” It’s clear that “Run It” isn’t going to dethrone Countess Luann’s “Money Can’t Buy You Class” as the absolute pinnacle of reality show-related songs, but I’m holding out for the music video to decide whether “Run It” meets the high standard set for Total Divas-related songs by Naomi’s “Dance All Night.”