XXXTentacion Receives Praise From Billie Eilish In A New ‘Bad Vibes Forever’ Teaser

A final posthumous album from XXXTentacion, titled Bad Vibes Forever, is set for release on December 6. Ahead of that, the controversial rapper’s team has shared a new promotional video for the record, in which some of his admirers share positive words about him. Most notably, Billie Eilish appears in the video and offers praise for XXXTentacion, calling him a “beam of light.”

Eilish says in the clip, “I just see the impact that he had on people and the impact that he had on me, and I barely even knew him, and that’s insane. He was like a beam of light and just tried to do everything for other people. That was like the most selfless kid I’ve ever met in my life.”

This isn’t the first time Eilish has shared positive words about XXXTentacion, as she said in August, “I remember in the midst of it, at the beginning, when I found him on SoundCloud. I had no idea who he was or anything about his backstory at all. I barely knew what he looked like. I just messed with what he was creating because it wasn’t something I had heard before. It was a mix between, you know, all types of sh*t. […] I think that’s when you know that [the music is] real to you because you don’t know anything about [the artist]. I think that’s the same with people. […] I think it’s still popular because he was a complete tortured genius.”

Watch the Bad Vibes Forever teaser above.

Bad Vibes Forever is out 12/06 via Bad Vibes Forever/Empire. Pre-order it here.