Ye Wanted To Meet With Big Sean And His Mother To ‘Begin The Healing On Both Sides’

Last month, Ye caused a big rift in his relationship with Big Sean after he claimed the “worst thing” he’s ever done was sign him to his GOOD Music imprint. During his appearance on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs podcast last month, Ye said, “I know this man mama bro, you know what I’m saying? I’ve changed this man’s family and both John Legend and Big Sean, when I ran for office, got used quick by the Democrats to come at their boy that actually changed their life and that’s some sellout sh*t.” He also requested “apologies” from Sean for his actions.

Sean responded to Ye’s comments during his own appearance on Drink Champs earlier this week, revealing that Ye texted him with the hope of meeting with him and his mother to “begin the healing on both sides.” However, Sean reveals it never happened because he was “angry” at the time. “I took it too personally, because it’s like, you publicly humiliated me when I’ve been down for you,” he said before diving into the political aspect of Ye’s comments. “Now peep this out: while he was running for president, I didn’t have his contact. I purposely didn’t endorse anyone publicly, politically, because my mans was running. I didn’t even have his contact at the time.”

He continued, “I’m the No. 1-earning artist on G.O.O.D. Music, and I didn’t come out and support no Democratic party because my man’s was running, and he wasn’t even on the ballot in 30-something states. You see what I’m saying? So when he said all that, it just had no—that’s why it was funny, because it just was not true.” Sean added, “I didn’t come out and support no Democratic party, bro what the f*ck? Maybe John Legend did, I don’t know. I didn’t.”

Sean also responded to Ye’s regrets about signing him. “At first I thought it was hilarious, I thought the sh*t was funny,” Sean said. “Then I took it personal. I took it personal because, I’m the only artist who’s put out five albums under G.O.O.D. Music. … I’m the only one who put out back-to-back-to-back No. 1’s, platinum albums, double platinum albums.

“But every time Kanye has called on me, every single time no matter what I was doing, within one day’s notice I’m wherever he’s at bro, whether it’s to contribute to him in the studio, whether it’s to contribute a line, write a verse for him,” he added. “I’ve traveled around the world for this man, every time he’s called. And I’ve done this and not asked for publishing a lot of the times. Why? Because he gave me a golden opportunity of signing to G.O.O.D. Music.”

You can watch Big Sean’s full Drink Champs episode in the video above.