YFN Lucci Dropped His ‘Rolled On’ Video With Mozzy Before Surrendering To Police

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci has turned himself in to the police — but not before ensuring he released his latest music video for “Rolled On” with Sacramento rapper Mozzy. Police announced Lucci was wanted on murder and weapons charges in connection with a shooting on December 10.

Lucci was tabbed as a participant in a shootout that left one man injured and another dead, with multiple shell casings left at the scene and two others arrested in connection, a 23-year-old and a 17-year-old. Lucci surrendered sometime after the “Rolled On” video was posted to his social media and booked shortly before 11 PM. Fans quickly noticed the bad timing, reacting to the tweet announcing the video with droll comments, especially considering the context of the song’s messaging. Incidentally, Lucci’s videos have become known for gunfire, as a June video shoot resulted in an injury and another shoot in September saw Lucci accidentally let off a round while toying with a rifle between takes.

Despite the dark subject matter of the song’s lyrics, the visuals are surprisingly tongue-in-cheek. Mozzy works the counter at a diner serving “Chef Mozzy’s Magical Fries” with a graphic of his smiling face on a cup of french fries slathered in some kind of green sauce. Lucci sits at a booth with his boys, considering the menu as he performs the song. Later in the video, the diner turns into a nightclub, where Lucci, Mozzy, and the gang dance under low lighting.

Let’s all hope Lucci’s lyrics are more dramatized than “inspired by a true story” or this could be one of the last music videos the burgeoning star releases for a while, although he also recently appeared alongside Mulatto in her “Wet” remix video.

Watch the “Rolled On” video with Mozzy above.

YFN Lucci is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.