YG Gets ‘Out On Bail’ And Leads A Police Chase In His Latest ‘My Life 4Hunnid’ Video

YG’s latest video from My Life 4Hunnid, his upcoming final album on Def Jam, is “Out On Bail.” True to its theme, the video finds YG leading a police chase and participating in all the activities one would expect of a recently-released former resident of the criminal justice system. He visits the strip club, kicks it with it his homies, and laments friends he’s lost along the way: “Beefin’ with my homies, all I think about is Nipsey,” he intones on the hook.

The video is also filled with police imagery, surrounding the rapper with squad cars that seem to be closing in on him. It’s a fitting reflection of his mindstate over the past year, which saw him arrested for alleged involvement in a robbery and reminiscing on being threatened by cops’ guns with his kids nearby. His own experiences with law enforcement intertwined with a growing sentiment of resentment toward police and their methods on his song “FTP,” although YG drew criticism for using footage of a vigil for victims of police violence in his video for the track.

My Life 4Hunnid is the last album of YG’s Def Jam contract. It’s due 10/2.

Watch YG’s “Out On Bail” video above.