YG Is Reportedly The Registered Owner Of An SUV Involved In A Fatal Police Shootout

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An SUV reportedly belonging to Compton rapper YG was pulled over Thursday night for “reckless driving.” LA’s Eyewitness news reports the driver opened fire on police, which lead to a car chase leaving one innocent bystander dead. It’s unknown if YG was in the SUV during the time of the shootout.

Police initially pulled the car over under the suspicion of driving under the influence. The driver of the SUV began shooting at officers through the car. One officer sustained a bullet injury to their arm and shoulder. Police began pursuing the SUV and returned fire on the vehicle. A sheriff helicopter then joined the pursuit of the SUV. The car fired several rounds toward the helicopter and apparently hit the rotor.

One man on a bicycle was found dead at the scene following the shooting. The man reportedly attempted to take cover under a nearby vehicle. Reports say police aren’t sure if the man was struck by bullets from officers or from the SUV. Police are also unclear if the man was killed by those in the SUV before the car chase, which would explain the SUV’s initial reckless driving.

Police say the Cadillac Escalade reportedly owned by YG was outfitted with assault weapons and bulletproof windows. After a lengthy police chase involving a helicopter, the driver left the car in Inglewood and took off on foot. One person involved in the shooting was apprehended, but another escaped the scene.

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