YNW Melly Is Reportedly At Risk Of The Death Penalty After First-Degree Murder Charges

Via Instagram

Not too long ago, YNW Melly was on the fast route to success getting in the booth with artists like Kanye West. That all stopped in February when the Florida-born rapper was charged with murder in the first-degree of two other rappers (YNW Sackchaser and YNW Juvy) who were known to be close friends of his. He allegedly was involved with both the shooting and cover-up to make it look like part of a drive-by. The most recent news is that, if convicted, the prosecution will seek out the death penalty.

According to a TMZ report, the prosecution is under the belief that they can prove that Melly carried out the double-homicide for financial gain and that it was entirely premeditated. They also believe they can support the claim that Melly and his friend (YNW Bortlen), also on trial, shot their friends from their car, shot up their own car, then dropped the two victims at the hospital and claiming it as a shooting where they were also victims. Florida is one of 30 states where the death penalty is legal and can be sought out in a trial of this kind.

Since his initial arrest, Melly has hired the same lawyer as Boosie Badazz . While pleading not guilty, he held out hope that attorney Jason Roger Williams could help his case. While Boosie wasn’t found guilty of his own murder charge back in 2012, he did wind up spending five years in prison before being released.