Yo Gotti And Nicki Minaj Pick Up The Morning Paper In The Colorful, Stepford-Inspired ‘Rake It Up’ Video

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Nicki Minaj’s ill-fated pump-fake didn’t deter Yo Gotti from finally dropping the long-awaited “Rake It Up” video, and with it, we finally learn how Nicki’s been paying off her fans’ student loans. Apparently, in whatever alternate world Nicki and Yo Gotti inhabit, money literally grows on trees.

Of course, it helps to be able to pick all that money up off the ground, which is where the gigantic rakes come in. You can’t say the Benny Boom-directed visual didn’t stick the concept. It’s a pastel-colored Stepford world, if that eerie suburban dystopia were instead populated by the usual denizens of Atlanta’s Diamond Gentlemen’s Club. While Yo Gotti’s scantily-clad neighbors commence beautify their neighborhood — while twerking in cotton candy-colored, PVC miniskirts, naturally — Nicki gets that race with Chyna out of the way, and unfortunately for the former Mrs. Rob Kardashian, it’s not even close. Barbie doll hot pink or no, that Lamborghini is quite fast.

For now, it appears that the video will be a Tidal exclusive, but both stars have posted clips to their Instagram accounts to give you an idea of the visual if you don’t pay for the service (or just ran out of burner emails for those — ahem — trial weeks). If you do have a membership, the embed is above.