Young Thug Announced The Release Date For His Next Project, But Fans Remain Skeptical

One of the most hotly anticipated albums of the year appears to have finally gotten it’s release date. Today, Young Thug took to Twitter where he appeared to reveal that his next project, Easy Breezy Beautiful Thugger Girl is going to drop next week on June 16.

Anticipation for this release has been especially high ever since Thugger shared the news that the project was going to be a singing album produced by Drake. From the previews we’ve gotten so far, like the country flavored snippet he shared recently on Instagram, and another highly melodic clip — both of which he’s since deleted because he deletes pretty much everything he ever throws up onto the Gram — it seems like this new project has all the potential to meet the high level of quality that he put together on his last full length release, Jeffrey.

Of course when it comes to release dates, Young Thug hasn’t always been the most reliable source, so many fans remains skeptical, but the date seems like its fixed. Given all the new music we’ve gotten from Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Future and The Migos, it appears Thugger wants to get in on the action in 2017 sooner rather than later.