Young Thug Says If He Was President, He Would Make Billionaires Give Money To The Poor

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On the Fourth Of July, the most patriotic day of the year, Young Thug made a stunning announcement: He revealed that he intends to run for President of the United States, with Gunna as his VP. He later said he’d be a better president than Kanye West, because Kanye “can’t out-think” him. Who knows how series Thug was being when he said these things, but regardless, he has finally given some sort of idea of what sort of leader he would be were he to assuming the highest office in the country.

In a new interview on Los Angeles’s Real 92.3, he said that he would enforce redistribution of wealth, saying, “I’ll change the status of billionaires. I’ll probably give a person that’s gonna proceed to make a billion, […] I’ll make it so that you have to endorse this money somewhere, you have to give this money to the poor. […] We gonna take this sh*t away. We gonna freeze it. […] If I’m the president, I’m gonna do it for the people.”

Young Thug may never be president, but he did also recently talk about something that seems infinitely more likely: It looks like he might be releasing another new album really soon, even though So Much Fun just came out.

Watch the interview clip above.

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