Yung Baby Tate Encouraged Fans To Post ‘Natural’ Selfies In Response To A Troll’s Body-Shaming

In addition to cultivating a flourishing career, Atlanta rapper-singer Yung Baby Tate is apparently a world-class clapback artist, as she recently proved when an Instagram influencer tried to body-shame her for having natural belly fat.

Ayesha Howard, who goes by on Instagram, commented on a photo of Yung Baby Tate performing at Afropunk over the weekend, apparently incensed by Tate’s caption praising natural bodies. Quoting Beyonce, Tate wrote, “As Queen Bey once said, “wanna see some REAL A$$?! Baby here’s your chance!” Shoutout to all my natural bellied bodies. I see you, I am you, I love you. No matter WHAT my body looks like, it is MINE and I love it! Please go project your insecurities onto a piece of paper, burn it, and throw it away. Then go look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you are loved.”

Howard, who seems to have taken the caption as a diss to women who get plastic surgery, commented, “I’m all for being natural and loving the skin you are in but that’s not just what a natural body looks like that’s a natural body with no discipline, structure and poor eating habits in their lifestyle…Girls that work out don’t look like this.” She also equated the belly fat to poor health, which… girl, no. “She’s a performer she should want the best for herself all around,” she wrote. “[I]t’s not just about looks but in her job presentation is everything and she needs to be healthy enough to do it.”

Tate apparently had time to respond. In a tweet, she attributed Howard’s comments to pettiness and jealousy, writing, “Everyone is saying imma eat the unmarried Ayesha up for her comments on my belly but honestly her life is rocky enough. I think she saw the word “baby” in my name and got triggered so I’ll give her a pass on this beautiful WEDnesday.” Tate wasn’t finished yet, though. Next, she posted a clip of herself driving in her car and lip-syncing to her upcoming single “Pedi” on which she crows, “Real ass bitch and I might be crazy, but at least I’m authentic.”

Finally, she turned the whole exchange into a positive, teachable moment, posting a tweet reading, “natural bodied babes quote this with ur fav body pics!” Since then, she’s been retweeting and affirming followers sending her their photos, and reminding followers that “MY BODY is MY BODY to work on or NOT!”

See the exchange and Tate’s encouraging comebacks above.

Yung Baby Tate is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.