Yung Miami Shared When City Girls’ Next Album Will Drop And Promised ‘It’s Gonna Hit Different’

Nobody generates a headline quite like Yung Miami. Her talk show Caresha Please has been responsible for the “Pee Diddy” nickname, imagined a world where Missy Elliott and Trina dated, and featured an especially playful exchange between Miami and Megan Thee Stallion.

But the City Girls rapper didn’t need Caresha Please to spark intrigue today, April 19, as she was unveiled as the cover star of a “special issue” of The Cut:

First she confirmed that she and Diddy are no longer together and clarified her “golden shower” comments on Caresha Please that got “Pee Diddy” trending.

“I never said he was the one I did that with. Sex is a part of life. I’m grown, and maybe I talk about it too much, but everybody’s got their personal experiences,” Yung Miami told the publication. “Some people get sh*tted on. Some people live life on the edge, some people boring as f*ck. I watch a lot of porn, b*tches get peed on. If we grown and we in the house just chilling and want to talk about sex, what’s wrong with that?”

Later in the interview, Yung Miami was asked when fans can expect a new City Girls album from her and JT. “Girl, I ain’t even gonna tell!” she replied. “I don’t know, like, it is coming, and it will be sometime this summer — for real, for real, for real. When you doing a project, it takes time. We’re trying to sit through it and make sure that that’s what we want to put out. It’s gonna hit different.”

Yung Miami told as much to Rachel Lindsay for Extra in January:

City Girls performed at the 2023 Dreamville Festival at the start of this month, just as Hulu’s RapCaviar Presents premiered on March 30. (City Girls are the subject of the docuseries’ second episode.)

City Girls are scheduled to perform at Rolling Loud Miami on Saturday, July 22, so what better time to drop an album?

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