‘Pee Diddy’ Trends After Yung Miami Makes A Salacious Confession On ‘Caresha Please’

Yung Miami’s podcast Caresha Please has already become a lightning rod for hot takes and salacious confessions. Thanks to the free-flowing alcohol and the host’s free-wheeling approach to interviews, along with a “safe space” presentation that lowers guests’ guard, artists on the show don’t mind addressing the “smoke” that clouds their careers.

The same goes for Caresha herself, who isn’t afraid to play along with her own drinking games — even if the resulting confessions reveal some bedroom kinks (or bathroom ones, I guess). During her interview with fellow Miami rapper Trina, Caresha pulled a card that read, “Take a shot if you like golden showers.” She wound up taking the shot as the intrigued Trina pumped her for more info (Trina said she never got one but she gives them).

Of course, as with all things Yung Miami these days, fans on Twitter immediately made the connection to her long-rumored beau, Sean “Diddy” Combs. An older version of his nickname, P. Diddy, was perfectly repurposed, and sure enough, “Pee Diddy” was trending on Twitter within hours of the episode’s premiere.

Miami and Diddy’s seemingly open relationship has been a subject of fascination on Twitter for the better part of a year. Things got especially smoky in late 2022 when Diddy announced the birth of a baby daughter by another woman but both posted photos from a family yacht trip for New Year’s Day, so it seems they’ve got an understanding. If fans are right, it seems like a lot of things go in this relationship.