Yung Miami Shoots Down The ‘Pee Diddy’ Golden Shower Rumor — And The Couple’s Unofficial Relationship

Yung Miami and Diddy’s relationship has been the subject of fascination across the internet for months, but the City Girl really caused a stir in January after making a salacious confession on her podcast Caresha Please. When Miami told her guest Trina that she enjoys the occasional “golden shower,” fans dubbed Sean Combs “Pee Diddy,” assuming that he shared her proclivities.

However, in a new interview with The Cut (with thanks to Billboard for the spot), Miami shot down the rumor — and seemingly confessed to the end of the relationship, just three months after the couple went “Instagram Official” in January.

“I never said he was the one I did that with,” she explained. “Sex is a part of life. I’m grown, and maybe I talk about it too much, but everybody’s got their personal experiences. Some people get sh–ted on. Some people live life on the edge, some people boring as f*ck. I watch a lot of porn, b*tches get peed on.”

But regarding the wider implications of her and Diddy’s recent public gallivanting, she was a little more circumspect. “We’re still friends!” she stressed. “We’re still good friends! But we’re single. That’s not my man. We had our own situation, I’m not gonna put a title on it. We were f–king with each other hard. We were together every day at one point. He supported me, I supported him. I’ll let the internet call it whatever they want to call it.”

Diddy has yet to respond, but as he’s an active Twitter user, a statement may not be too far off.