Cops Reportedly Covered For Zac Brown After Finding Him In The Middle Of A Drug Bust

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The Zac Brown Band; a bunch of hit singles, successful tours around the country, love from country music fans and frat houses all across this nation, and of course the ability to show up to awards shows wearing whatever they thought to throw on that morning. They’re not U2 or anything, but the band has a nice level of fame where they can go into any bar south of the Mason Dixon Line and get all their drinks for free. Apparently that fame also provides you with the opportunity to have cops sweep any accidental kerfuffles with the law under the rug on your behalf.

Last week, Zac Brown was partying in Miami at the Four Seasons when cops showed up to bust some other people in the room for drug possession. According to a report from Mediaite, the cops were made aware of a suspicious vehicle parked nearby and when they showed up – suprise! – there was a ton of cocaine inside. The person in the car then directed to the cops to the hotel room where his buddies were partying it up with strippers and, as we now know, Brown as well. Brown politely asked the cops not to include his name in the arrest report since he wasn’t directly involved, as you do, and they obliged because even in Miami country music still has pull it seems.

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