Zedd And Alessia Cara’s New Powerhouse Single ‘Stay’ Is Perfect Dystopian Pop

Pop Music Critic

Russian EDM producer Zedd has a knack for highlighting female vocalists in unexpected ways, and that’s exactly what he does with Alessia Cara on their new single “Stay.” As the name suggests, the song is about wanting someone in a relationship to stick around a bit longer, but over coasting synths and Cara’s own powerful alto, the message assumes a greater importance. Even if it weren’t for the eerie lyric video, there’s still something markedly dystopian about this song, given its obsession with time and loss.

Most good pop songs are about taking a simple message about love and blasting it all the way up to ten. This song has overtones of Taylor Swift’s “All You Had To Do Was Stay” — actually the words of the chorus are pretty dang similar — but Zedd’s spaceship production is a far cry from 1989‘s immaculate ’80s pop palette.

Perhaps this will be the next hit for Cara, whose early single “Here” is the only thing that has really done well on the charts so far. Her debut album, which was called Know-It-All, came out in late 2015. This is one of her biggest collaborations since then, and considering the success of Zedd’s other most popular track “Clarity,” off his debut of the same name, helped catapult British singer Foxes to prominence, “Stay” is sure to have a positive effect.

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