Save On Airplane Seat Belt Extenders And More During Amazon Prime Day 2

07.21.15 4 years ago 4 Comments

After weeks of hype, it’s safe to say that Amazon’s big Prime Day sale was a bit… underwhelming. Ridiculously long waiting lists and items no one really wanted (although who wouldn’t want 55 gallons of lube? Don’t answer that.) made for a pretty disappointing event, especially considering that Amazon had promised “more deals than Black Friday.” That was probably true on a technicality, but, really, come on.

Well, the folks at Amazon have heard the complaints and have recruited the guys at Think Hero to produce a video to announce Prime Day 2. Either that, or Think Hero produced this as a parody video. (One or the other, we didn’t really check.) Revel in the magnificent savings on discontinued floppy disks and shoehorns!

(via YouTube)

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