Bernie Sanders Feels ‘Deeply Humiliated’ That Democrats Can’t Currently Speak To The Working Class

News Writer
11.14.16 12 Comments

On Monday, Senator Bernie Sanders criticized the Democratic party on CBS This Morning for not paying attention to the concerns of the white working class. The Bern said Donald Trump was able to tap into this demographic “effectively,” which helped propel him to the presidency. He didn’t hold back in his feelings for the Democratic party, saying he was “deeply humiliated” at how his party can’t relate to these citizens:

“There needs to be a profound change in the way the Democratic Party does business. It is not good enough to have a liberal elite. I come from the white working class and I am deeply humiliated that the Democratic Party can’t talk to the people where I came from.”

This criticism echoes some of what we’ve heard from Michael Moore, and indeed, this is likely one of the reasons why Hillary Clinton lost the election. The Bern’s concerns do seem genuine, as he built his platform as one for those who have felt left behind by the system.

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