Bill O’Reilly Will Return With A Podcast You’ll Have To Pay $4.95 To Listen To, While Fox Faces More Legal Woes

04.23.17 11 months ago 18 Comments

Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News ousting arrived with a “staggering” golden parachute, but that doesn’t mean we’ve heard the end of the crotchety guy. There’s a fair chance that we’ll hear more about what he calls “unfounded claims” (all of the sexual harassment allegations) on Monday. How so? Well, O’Reilly’s pushing his own podcast (via his website) that airs at 7pm EST, and he wants you to pay $4.95 to hear him vent. The dude never addressed the allegations on-air at Fox News, but now, he’s a free agent, so maybe he’ll go there.

Everyone (and their mom) has their own podcast right now, and most people know better than to try and charge in such a crowded market. However, O’Reilly is making this a premium service that will only be available to his website subscribers. Although he’s done the podcasting thing for years, he’s advertising like it’s a continuation of his Fox News show: “MONDAY. The No Spin News Returns.” He must have secured the rights to use “no spin” as a catchphrase, or perhaps such permission was part of his exit package.

Seriously though — who asks people to pay for a podcast?

Perhaps there really is enough interest, at least in a trainwreck sense. After all, the paparazzi are currently trailing the former O’Reilly Factor host. He was photographed in slippers and sweatpants near his Long Island home before he went shoe shopping at “Eric Comfort Shoes.” 2017 is shaping up to be weirder than we imagined, y’all.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of other news involving both O’Reilly (whose emails surrounding exit negotiations have already “leaked”) and Fox News. The Washington Post has published a report about how the Murdochs gambled while re-upping O’Reilly’s contract — while being aware of the already settled claims paid by Fox and O’Reilly — and it didn’t pay off:

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