Bill O’Reilly Promises To ‘Flee’ To Ireland If His Least Favorite Presidential Candidate Wins

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01.15.16 19 Comments

On Thursday night, Bill O’Reilly wasn’t thinking about the impending GOP debate as he was considering the left side of the spectrum. This turn of events was just as well. O’Reilly has made no secret of revealing his least-favorite GOP candidate, so it’s nice to receive the “fair and balanced” perspective that Fox News promises on an hourly basis.

O’Reilly thought of his ancestors while preparing to reveal which democratic candidate would prompt him to make the ultimate threat. In the end, O’Reilly vowed to flee the U.S. if Bernie Sanders takes office. So, instead of ranting every weekday evening on the small screen, he could be telling tales while knocking back a pint of Guinness. Perhaps he does this already? These empty words actually came out of his mouth: “If Bernie Sanders gets elected president, I’m fleeing, I’m going to Ireland. And they already know it.”

There’s your official warning, Ireland. The O’Reilly Factor host revealed how Sanders’ healthcare stance is essentially “Berniecare,” which O’Reilly says is larger than Medicare and the Affordable Care Act combined. The host conceded that his promise might actually backfire: “I shouldn’t say it publicly because that will get Sanders more votes. But I’m not going to pay 90 percent of my income to that guy.” Well, O’Reilly would surely pay less taxes in Ireland, but he’s exaggerating about the 90 percent. That’s nothing unusual, and at least he’s got some self-deprecating wit about his Irish shoulders.

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