Twitter Users Reacted To The News That Brett Kavanaugh Once Got Into A Bar Fight After A UB40 Concert

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Yes, Brett Kavanaugh was questioned by police in a bar fight, as per the New York Times. Yes, that suggests he underplayed his drinking habits during last Thursday’s hearing regarding his Supreme Court nomination. And yes, now he really, really shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court. But some articles covering this story are burying the real lede: Kavanaugh allegedly a) got into a fight after attending a UB40 concert and b) got into that fight because someone mistook him for the lead singer of UB40.

This incident, which occurred in 1985 when the judge was a freshman at Yale, was brought to light by one Chad Ludington, a fellow classmate. After seeing the British reggae band — who were then riding high on their No. 1 hit cover of Neil Diamond’s “Red Red Wine,” perhaps the least bar fighty song about alcohol ever recorded — Kavanaugh and friends retired to a bar.

It was there that the troubles began. A man, who, like Donald J. Trump’s current nominee to the Supreme Court, had also attended the UB40 concert, then remarked that Kavanaugh might be Ali Campbell, the band’s then-frontman. This prompted Kavanaugh — who may get a lifetime job in the highest court in America — to allegedly throw his beer at his accusee, striking him with the bottle.

The police report had a slightly different version of events. It reported that it was ice, not a bottle, and it was another bud, Chris Dudley, who threw glass at the man, Dom Cozzolino, after Kavanaugh tossed ice. Still, it was enough of a tussle that law enforcement was alerted, and Kavanaugh — who attended a prep school with its own nine-hole golf course — was questioned but not arrested.

Ludington said that he felt Kavanaugh at the hearing had “mischaracterized the extent” of his drinking.

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