Bruce Springsteen Is The Latest Music Icon To Campaign For Hillary Clinton

11.06.16 1 year ago

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Bruce Springsteen is the latest in a long line of music icons and other celebrities campaigning with Hillary Clinton in the final stretch before the 2016 election. Beyonce and Jay Z performed at a concert in Ohio on Friday, and Lebron and JR Smith of the Cavs joined her on stage on Sunday to support her presidential push.

Now, Bruce Springsteen is expected to perform at a Clinton rally in Philadelphia on Monday. While the election mostly looks locked up at this point because of early voting results, nothing is ever over until it is over and if there’s somebody who can push forth the enthusiasm to get people to the polls on Tuesday it’s Bruce.

The musician hasn’t made any campaign trail appearances this year in support of either candidate, in vast contradiction to his efforts for Barack Obama when the current leader of the United States was running for president. Springsteen has said multiple times that his support lies with Clinton, but wasn’t sure if he was going to exert any effort in person on this particular campaign. He was quoted earlier in the campaign season calling Trump a “moron,” among other things.

Jon bon Jovi will also appear at the concert at Independence Hall in support of Clinton. Which of the two artists might provide more of a bump for Clinton on Election Eve is up to you, but one definitely will more than the other.

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