Chris Christie Wasn’t Satisfied With Trump’s Apology Over His Lewd Commentary, But Will Stick WIth Him

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10.11.16 2 Comments

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Donald Trump may think he has put his 2005 “locker room banter” controversy behind him after he issued a quasi-apology, but his surrogates seem to be still frustrated by it. On Tuesday, Chris Christie said Trump’s inflammatory comments towards women were “indefensible,” but he said he will continue to have the Republican presidential nominee’s back, as reported by Politico.

While guest hosting morning sports talk radio show Boomer & Carton — which may turn into a full-time gig if this whole Trump presidency doesn’t work out — Christie said he does not excuse Trump for his comments. The New Jersey governor, who has his own history of provocative remarks, believes these comments are inexcusable, but said he will still back him for president:

“On the video itself, let’s be really clear, it is completely indefensible. And I won’t defend it and haven’t defended it. I made that very clear to Donald on Friday when that first came out and urged him to be contrite and apologetic because that’s what he needs to be…I’ve known him for a long time and I’m really upset by what I’ve heard, but in the end, this election is about bigger issues than that.”

Christie seems to be still holding to his belief that a Hillary Clinton presidency would spell doom and gloom for the country, even in the aftermath of Trump’s comments. With the election less than a month away and Trump claiming the shackles are finally off, Trump surrogates who still support him for president may be a recurring story.

(Via Politico)

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