Cynthia Nixon Has Announced Her Candidacy For Governor In New York

03.19.18 12 months ago 12 Comments

Following months of speculation, Cynthia Nixon is taking the political plunge. The Sex and the City star will now take on the Big Apple (and the entire state of New York) in a different way than she did as Miranda Hobbs, for she’s running for New York governor in a Democratic primary challenge against incumbent Andrew Cuomo. Most recently, Nixon’s team downplayed rumors that she was assembling a campaign staff for a very “competitive” bid. Now, Nixon’s cab light is on — in the nick of time to organize for the September primary election.

Indeed, despite her earlier tentative steps into the political realm, Nixon says she’s all in for a gubernatorial bid. “I love New York, and today I’m announcing my candidacy for governor,” she tweeted while adding a link to her campaign site and posting the above campaign ad that stresses education, ending mass incarceration, and fixing the NYC subway system. “New York is my home. I’ve never lived anywhere else,” she declares. “But something has to change.”

The lead-up to this announcement followed several shots fired by Nixon at existing New York leadership for not being “blue enough.” She also recently delivered fiery rhetoric that called for “better Democrats,” which was interpreted by many as her intent to challenge Cuomo for his frequent compromises with the GOP portion of New York’s closely divided legislature.

Since this news is official, we can (also officially) assume that we won’t be seeing an SATC 3 movie. At least, not with Kim Cattrall or Nixon.

(Via Cynthia Nixon on Twitter)

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