The Dallas Stars’ Jumbotron Trolled Sean Spicer And Donald Trump With A Fake Attendance Number

01.22.17 2 years ago 5 Comments

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Sean Spicer became an internet meme on Saturday after he went on a rant to the media about the attendance for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Spicer was upset with the media reporting that Trump’s inauguration wasn’t as heavily attended as either of Barack Obama’s, and angrily barked, “this was the largest audience to witness an inauguration. Period!” That led to the internet mocking him, which is to be expected, but it also bled into the sports world where the Dallas Stars decided to have some fun at Spicer’s expense on the Jumbotron.

Instead of announcing the actual attendance for the Stars game against the Washington Capitols, Dallas posted “1.5 million” as the attendance, which is the number Donald Trump said it “felt like” were at his inauguration.

It’s a strong troll move from the Stars, and is the latest evolution in teams becoming more snarky across all platforms. We’ve seen teams take on a stronger personality with Twitter accounts in recent years, but to bring the snark and jokes to the Jumbotron is a whole new level. Shoutout to the Stars, though, because they have certainly positioned themselves as public enemy number one for the Trump administration among NHL teams (which I bet the Trump administration didn’t expect to harbor any ill feelings towards).

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