Donald Trump Supporters Allegedly Attacked A Black Lives Matter Protester During A Heated Alabama Rally

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11.22.15 11 Comments

On Saturday, Donald Trump did not notice how the Internet trolled him with their #MuslimIDs. If Trump hadn’t been on the weekend trail, he would have paused to sling a few more insults. However, Trump was busy tossing out not-so-nice words at a rally in Birmingham, Alabama. His speech kicked off with “Sweet Home, Alabama” playing in the background. Do the fine people of this state ever tire of this anthem? The tune also featured in an inauspicious moment in Con Air, alongside a mullet-clad Nic Cage. The song has a history is all I’m saying.

During the Birmingham speech, Trump appeared to revel in his cross-country, stand-up tour. Someone recharged this guy’s batteries recently. A few moments seemed particularly messy as featured in the above clip. He touted his winning streak, booted a Black Lives Matter protester, and insulted “obese” people on food stamps. The transcript does the talking:

“We’re winning in Ohio against [John] Kasich, who is totally overrated, by the way. We’re winning all over … do I hear somebody over there? [shakes head] You know, you have one guy over there shouting. We have thousands of people, and you’ll read about him tomorrow. They’ll say, ‘Ohhh, the room. It had a picket!’ Alright, get him the hell out of here, will you, please? Get him out of here. Throw him out! [waves hand] No, we had it the other day. I got criticized. And one guy who was seriously [hand motion] obese. He complained when I mentioned that we have a lot of people on food stamps, and the guy went crazy. And they said it wasn’t politically correct. Who cares? We all have a weight problem. Yeah, you can get him out. Get him out. Get him the hell out of here. GET HIM OUT OF HEEEEERE. GET OUT. Get him out of here. Did you see Bernie Sanders? See, he was politically correct.”

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