Donald Trump Publicized A Mass Endorsement By Black Pastors, Who Responded With Denials

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11.30.15 6 Comments
Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Las Vegas

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Donald Trump is still kicking despite his falling approval ratings after a disastrous week on the campaign trail. One of his many recent moves include asking a Birmingham crowd for assistance with removing a Black Lives Matter protester from a rally. Trump found the man’s actions “disgusting,” and his followers kicked and punched the man. Later, Trump publicly approved of those violent actions by saying the man deserved to be “roughed up.”

Perhaps Team Trump wishes to do damage control, but the (still) leading GOP candidate took to Twitter and announced a special Monday event. Trump said he would meet with a number of African-American pastors. The press wasn’t invited, and the implication was that these pastors would endorse him.

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