Donald Trump Continues His Twitter Attacks On ‘Morning Joe’ And ‘Dumb As A Rock’ Mika Brzezinski

07.01.17 12 months ago 8 Comments

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The more Donald Trump rants about Morning Joe co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, the more he pulls the curtain back on his inner workings. Trump’s latest tweet about the pair is brief, but offers up a wealth of insight into his obsession with cable news, tabloid media, and the war between the President’s ego and the press. This time he’s displeased not only with “psycho Joe” and “low IQ Mika,” he’s set his sights on MSNBC, too.

Trump tweeted about the cable news channel on Saturday morning, continuing on about Morning Joe‘s allegedly low ratings, reiterating some insults about Scarborough and Brzezinski’s intelligence and mental health, and asserting that the show is “dominated by their NBC bosses.” That comment tied in to another tweet he made earlier that morning, claiming that Greta Van Susteren was dropped from her slot as an MSNBC anchor because she “she refused to go along w/ ‘Trump hate!'” But that’s not exactly the whole story.

Susteren had worked as MSNBC for only five months after being let go from Fox News last year, but her ratings weren’t doing particularly well. She was a liability to MSNBC’s sudden opportunity to really compete with Fox News, thanks to the high-profile shakeups at the conservative network in the past year. Morning Joe, on the other hand attracted an average of 997,000 total viewers in the second quarter, and has been on a steady ratings rise over the past nine quarters. When President Trump complains about the ratings Scarborough and Brzezinski are pulling in, its a deflection away from the more probable reason Susteren was let go.

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