President Trump Now Claims That He Never Taped James Comey After Threatening To Release Recordings Of Their Talks

06.22.17 10 months ago 15 Comments

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In May, the New York Times reported that in a private dinner between President Trump and former FBI director James Comey, Trump demanded Comey pledge his loyalty. Weirdly, Trump responded to this news with a tweet that suggested that he may have surreptitiously recorded the conversation that he and Comey had, in a flagrant attempt to get Comey to change his story. During his Senate testimony earlier this month, Comey publicly responded to the tweet saying that he hoped that recordings existed. So, because everything is a game show to him and everyone has to stay tuned, and even though the Secret Service said there were no tapes, Trump said he would soon reveal whether or not tapes and recordings existed.

If you had, “of course there are no tapes,” c’mon down.

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