Donald Trump Thanked Himself For Something On Twitter And Of Course The Internet’s Got Jokes

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12.28.16 8 Comments

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Yesterday the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index rose to 113.7 during the month of December, the highest it’s been since 2001. Bloomberg reports that this is due in part to many American households expecting Donald Trump to deliver on promises he’s made regarding the United States job market and economy, and believe us, no one was more aware of this than Trump himself.

In what will probably come as a tremendous surprise to everyone, Trump took some time out of his busy schedule of ignoring daily intelligence briefings and threatening a nuclear arms race to personally thank himself on Twitter for this momentous achievement.

Donald Trump thanking himself in the third person seems like yet another step in his transformation to full on super villain and this fact was not lost on the rest of the internet, which immediately began mocking the president-elect and soon after the hashtag #ThanksDonald on Twitter started trending. Who knew that the “Thanks Obama” meme would be replaced before Obama even left the White House?

At any rate, Twitter brought out the sarcasm in full force, alternating between thanking Trump for mundane things he has no control of, to using the meme to point out some of the more nefarious things he’s been responsible for since being elected — starting out with vocal Trump critic Keith Olberman.

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