Donald Trump Continues Criticizing The Election 2016 Recount Effort With A Sunday Morning Tweetstorm

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11.27.16 39 Comments

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Donald Trump already made his thoughts on the recount very clear with an official statement on Jill Stein’s recount fundraiser — currently past the $6 million mark — calling it a scam that’s going to “fill the coffers” of the Green Party. He then made sure to criticize the Clinton campaign for agreeing to take part in the recount effort. This was echoed by his campaign head Kellyanne Conway, calling Clinton and her team sore losers.

All of this has led to Sunday morning, where someone apparently got with Trump and told him to release the scripted Kraken all over his Twitter account in reference to the recount. While Stein and even Clinton’s camps seem to be more focused on ensuring that the votes were counted correctly as opposed to changing the outcome of the election, Trump’s comments on Sunday seem to take a hostile tone towards the effort and Clinton. The main point he tries to push across: the recount will change nothing:

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