Hasidic Newspaper Reinforces The Place Of Women in Hasidic Culture


I’ve long been baffled by how Hasidic Jewish culture treats women as second class citizens — some have even compared it to the treatment women receive in some Muslim/Islamic cultures — right here in the U.S., while activist groups are constantly protesting the ways women are crapped on in other countries/cultures. I was reminded of this over the weekend when Der Zeitung, a Hasidic newspaper distributed in Williamsburg, photoshopped Hillary Clinton out of that already iconic White House Situation Room.

What’s both laughable and sad about the whole thing is the explanation the paper gave for why they did it, which was because the having Clinton in the room made it a “sexually suggestive” image. No, I’m sure it had nothing to do with not wanting Hasidic women and girls to get any ideas in their heads about being anything in life other than baby-making housewives.

The only remotely “sexually suggestive” versions of that photo floating around out there are the hilarious photoshops popping up on places like Reddit and Tumblr. But sadly this isn’t what they were referring to…

But the real scandal in all of this still isn’t being talked about: Why was Wolf Blitzer photoshopped out of the Situation Room photo? Is Obama anti-lush beards?

(Lead pic via Daily Intel)

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