Hillary Clinton Shaded The GOP Debate With A Flood Of Memes

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03.04.16 10 Comments
Hillary Clinton Holds Post-Super Tuesday Rally In NYC

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Somehow, the GOP debates keep growing wilder, and Thursday evening’s shindig proved to be the most profane yet. Many of us are scratching our heads through a political hangover and wondering how we got to this place. The Republican frontrunner used valuable airtime to tell the world about his large penis, and another candidate ate his own booger onstage. Meanwhile, Megan Kelly was still killing it while Bill O’Reilly may have gotten a little sauced during one last party before he packs his bags for Ireland. Meet you guys at the pub!

All evening long, Hillary Clinton narrated this Shakespearean play with plethora of Twitter memes. This isn’t the first time she’s done so (and she may have taken a page from Bernie Sanders, who once scored the most retweeted tweet of a debate), but Team Clinton was prepared for battle. She started the evening off with a reference to the last GOP debate, which featured a moment when close captioning gave up and typed, “Unintelligible yelling.”

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