Hillary Clinton Sums Up Donald Trump’s Campaign And This Entire Election In One Sentence

Senior Pop Culture Editor
10.19.16 3 Comments

Come Nov. 9, when either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is named the next president of the United States of America (at this point, it’s Clinton’s election to lose, an outcome which Trump will surely blame on the “crooked” media), we’re going to look back at the last few months and… laugh? Cry? Punch a hole in the wall (not to be confused with The Wall)? All of the above? There have been hacking scandals, and vulgar comments, and “bad hombres.” It’s a reality show of a political process. Speaking of: Trump’s The Apprentice past came up during tonight’s debate after he declined to concede the election if he loses.

“She shouldn’t be allowed to run,” Trump said. “She’s guilty of a very, very serious crime. She should not be able to run. Just in that respect, I say it’s rigged. She never should have been allowed to run.” When moderator Chris Wallace pressed, “The loser concedes to the winner. And the country comes together in part for the good of the country. Are you not prepared to follow that principle?” Trump replied, “I’ll tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense.” Clinton fired back: “That’s horrifying,” adding, “He even said the Emmys were rigged against him. This is his mindset. It’s funny but it’s also really troubling. That’s not how this democracy works.”

Now there’s a slogan for this election: “It’s funny but it’s also really troubling.”

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