Report: Hillary Clinton Wants Joe Biden To Be Her Secretary Of State

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10.27.16 6 Comments


Uncle Joe seems to be hitting the road! Or he could, anyway, if new reports about Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State wish list are accurate. According to Politico, Clinton’s transition team is preparing for Biden to be the Secretary of State pick for the potential new administration, but they haven’t even told him he’s on the list yet. As of now, Biden is still just a star surrogate for Hillary on the campaign trail. Reports say the campaign is still thinking about how to convince the long-time politician to take on one more gig in Washington before he retires for good.

Even though any official appointment to Clinton’s cabinet is an actual election and several weeks or months away, just imagining Biden in the role is amazing. Sure, he travels internationally now for his vice presidential duties, but he would log many more frequent flyer miles as Secretary of State and would be able to have marvelous adventures every step of the way. Biden would basically be the political version of the Olsen Twins in a mid-90’s straight-to-VHS globe-trotting adventure. Sure, there’s the chance he would probably get in a decent amount of trouble when he accidentally blows his cover while trying to stop antique smugglers in the Caribbean, but just imagine how much fun he would have running around Paris with some newfound friends!

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