‘The Daily Show’ Gives Us A Glimpse At What A Joe Biden And Donald Trump Fight Would Really Look Like

10.27.16 1 year ago

Nestled within a fine segment on the polarization of our political process and the media that covers it, Trevor Noah gives us a glimpse at what a possible fight between the very elderly Joe Biden and Donald Trump would look like. The only problem is that the outcome would be reported in different ways depending on the outlet you typical get your news and information from. It isn’t anything new to see folks stay firmly in their bubble when it comes to the media they devour. That’s why several sites carry the same content, why news sites take different angles on the same story, and how plenty of news ends up falling by the wayside. Really, we’re to blame for our own media coverage these days and we’ve let it get to the point where Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters can float with like minds at all times.

But back to this Biden/Trump fight. It might get a different take depending the outlet, but the reality of the event cannot be disputed and The Daily Show is spot on with its stand in for the showdown:

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