Jake Tapper Had The Most Honest Reaction To Trump’s ‘Locker Room Banter’ During A CNN Panel

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10.07.16 8 Comments

Nothing compares to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s priceless reaction to a Donald Trump surrogate arguing about how expensive American Disabilities Association (ADA) building requirements are. Then again, CNN personality Jake Tapper didn’t mince words while discussing Trump’s “locker room banter” with Billy Bush, and it’s great. Not a “oh that’s wonderful news!” kind of “great,” but one implying “every single voting American past, present and future needs to hear and understand this.”

Following a discussion of Bush’s handling of the situation, then and now, panelists Kirsten Powers and Bill Kristol turned their attention on Trump himself. Both of Tapper’s guests managed to get their two cents in, but the host of The Lead couldn’t help himself:

“It’s kind of stunning to hear the Republican nominee — father of five, married to Melania Trump, a person who one-handedly won the evangelical vote — talk this crudely about women. And again, I don’t want to pretend that I am a choir boy, but no, I don’t talk that way about women. And I don’t think I ever even thought crazy things like that when I was single!”

Personal reflection notwithstanding, Tapper turned even more serious while acknowledging a rather troubling aspect of the story and the time:

“We are in an era right now when I think the behavior of a certain generation of men, when it comes to women, is really being shamed and judged in harsh and very, very difficult… very tough way. This is just the latest example. I could cite others, but it’s not acceptable to talk about women like that.”

Or as “renegade Jew” Bill Kristol put it, “He’s a dirty old man.”

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