Jake Tapper Refutes Kellyanne Conway On The Trump Campaign’s ‘Assassination Attempt’ Claims

News Editor
11.06.16 3 Comments

Jake Tapper hosted Kellyanne Conway on Sunday morning for one last round of spin before Tuesday’s elections. The main topic of discussion involved Saturday night’s incident in Reno, which saw Trump rushed offstage by Secret Service. Key figures within the Trump campaign (Donald Trump Jr. and adviser Dan Scavino) quickly framed the event as an “assassination attempt.” They did not correct their misinformation after the truth came to light.

Tapper asked Conway to justify why the Trump campaign allowed untruths to stand about the man, Austyn Crites, who did not have a gun and was simply holding a “Republicans Against Trump” sign. Conway mentioned how Donald Jr. was likely scared during the situation, which is understandable, but he retweeted a false claim and never deleted the tweet. Conway deflected by saying, “All the coverage is usually about our protesters wreaking havoc and making people feel afraid. And it certainly goes both ways.”

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