Jimmy Kimmel Took A Preliminary Victory Lap Ahead Of Roy Moore’s Shocking Defeat In Alabama

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12.13.17 3 Comments

There are plenty of happy people around the nation tonight thanks to the voting results out of Alabama. While Roy Moore has refused to concede in the race, most experts and Alabama’s attorney general have noted that the chances a recount changes the outcome are slim.

Jimmy Kimmel was unaware of any of this when he taped his show earlier in the evening, but it didn’t stop him from taking time to mock Moore’s campaign over the past week. It wasn’t technically a victory lap, but it turned out that way with the show airing right as Doug Jones was projected to win:

“I don’t know the results yet, the polls just closed, but I do know Roy Moore shouldn’t even be in the race. And I’m not talking about the Senate race, I mean the human race.”

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