Jimmy Kimmel Discovers That Trump’s Merchandise Is Far From ‘America First’ In More Ways Than One

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03.15.18 8 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel purchased and discovered a few peculiar details about Donald Trump and his merchandise on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. This is far from the first time that someone has pointed out that the merchandise carrying Trump’s name might not be the best examples of his “America First” push from his campaign. David Letterman famously pointed out that Trump’s ties were made in China only moments after the future president criticized China’s economic growth compared to America, while the items in Trump’s hotels have been scrutinized following his inflammatory language from the campaign trail.

But for Kimmel, he’s got something new up his sleeve to add a new wrinkle to Trump and his company’s numerous products. Using the president’s recent push for tariffs on foreign aluminum and steel — something Kimmel called a pretty blatant attempt to get voters in Pennsylvania — Kimmel turns his focus to the Trump family website and web store. He wants to see just how much has changed since “America First” was a big part of the Trump political push over the past few years, so he ordered a few things.

He pulls out a variety of items, including a golf hat, a golf club cover and a blanket all made in China. There are also a few items made in Peru and Thailand, but the big surprises for Kimmel come with the ones that don’t have any country of origin listed on them.

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