The Kalamazoo Suspect Is An Uber Driver Who Allegedly Ferried Passengers During His Spree

News Editor
02.21.16 16 Comments

On Saturday evening, Jason Brian Dalton allegedly set off on a murderous rampage that left six dead and more injured on the streets of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Police have gathered no motives for the shootings, although they characterize the acts as “seemingly random” with neither rhyme nor reason. The violence spread throughout Kalamazoo and moved from a Cracker Barrel in Texas Township to a car dealership to a home in Richland Township. The victims were not related to Dalton, nor did they know him. Dalton was arrested without further incident, and police recovered a semi-automatic shotgun from his vehicle.

Local Michigan news stations are unearthing new details from the situation, which has somehow grown even more terrifying. Dalton does not have a criminal record, but he’s said to have grown paranoid and shown a fondness for firing guns. Police also say Dalton was an Uber driver, and he may have been ferrying passengers before or during his shooting spree. Authorities believe he drove a group to a Fairfield Inn Marriott before popping over to the Cracker Barrel restaurant where he shot four people.

Authorities are investigating reports that Dalton accepted other fares during the spree. One second-hand account is circulating on social media, where a Facebook post alleges Dalton was “driving VERY erratically” while “acting completely normal” as he “sideswiped a vehicle” and busted down the street at 80 mph. This incident reportedly took place early Saturday evening.

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