Katrina Pierson Defends Trump Against Sexual Assault Claims With A Bonkers Theory About Airplane Armrests

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10.13.16 16 Comments

Katrina Pierson is known to either twist facts or completely disregard them, and she’s bent time and space in mind-boggling ways in an effort to disprove many Trump controversies. And after Pierson blamed hip-hop culture for Trump’s predatory remarks about women, the campaign trotted her out again to defend him from the multiple women whose sexual assault allegations against Trump went public on Wednesday.

Pierson joined a Don Lemon-led panel that discussed an account published by the New York Times about two women making allegations against Trump. One woman, Jessica Leeds, claimed that Trump groped her “like an octopus” on a 1980s commercial flight. Another member of the panel, Corey Lewandowski, defended Trump by claiming that someone probably would have seen the groping if it happened. But Pierson — true to form — had a wilder excuse. She asserted the “patently false” nature of these allegations, much to the amusement of her fellow panel participants. Pierson spun such a fantastical tale that one wonders whether she was literally programmed. She rattled off her knowledge of 1980s plane design as panel members laughed:

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