Meet The Man Who Police Say Videotaped Himself Having Sex With His Stepdaughter’s Corpse After Murdering Her

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12.06.14 42 Comments
Greg Graf

NBC Philadelphia

The headline says everything you need to know about this story but I’ll go ahead and give you the ugly details.

A Pennsylvania man named Gregory Graf was charged with homicide last month after allegedly killing his stepdaughter Jessica Padget. During the investigation, police unearthed a disturbing video showing Graf having sex with Padget’s dead body. According to District Attorney John Morganelli, that was the motive behind the killing:

“He videotaped it,” Morganelli said, “so there’s a videotape of him abusing the corpse sexually.”

The video makes “absolutely clear” that Padgett was dead at the time, as Graf claimed to state police on Nov. 26 during an interrogation at the barracks in Bethlehem, Morganelli said.

The abuse of corpse charge is a misdemeanor, so the district attorney is now unable to seek the death penalty. It does however appear there is enough evidence to put Graf away for life.

Padgett was a recently married mother of three. Her husband, Michael, was told about the video on Friday. Everything about this story is awful.

(via NBC Philadelphia)

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